Best Ways to Build Backlinks on Your Website for 2023

It is one of the most important questions that many website owners and bloggers ask. How do I get high-quality backlinks? Therefore, backlinks remain one of the most important factors for Google ranking, SEO, and gaining more clicks and conversions. It gives Google algorithms a clear indication of the quality and relevance of your website.

We say here that it is not possible to rely on the strategy of building backlinks only and isolate other strategies because all of them are important and interrelated with each other, and these strategies are high-quality content, site speed and response, keywords, user experience, website security, and technical factors.

Best Ways to Build Backlinks on Your Website for 2023

If you don't have full knowledge of backlinks, don't worry, I support you. Today in this article I am going to show you different strategies for building high-quality backlinks to your website or blog for 2023. So before we move on to how to get backlinks to your website, let's take a moment to explain what are backlinks and why it is important to build backlinks?

What are backlinks

Easily a backlink is a link to your website from a blog or someone else's website that Google uses as a kind of sign of approval on your website. The number of backlinks you have is an important way Google determines the quality of your content. So the more backlinks to your website, the faster the crawl process through Google robots to your website.

Why it is important to build backlinks

Building backlinks is important because they tell Google that your content is good and get you unpaid, free traffic to your website.

It can seem tempting to quickly create many backlinks because the more backlinks you have, the more channels you create to drive visitors to your site. But, creating backlinks is not an easy task, you also need to follow safe ways to generate high-quality backlinks to your site.

Today, backlinks can harm your site if they are not implemented properly. Other irrelevant links can be risky, and unethical and do not necessarily help your ranking. Without using a proper link-building strategy, your website may be linked to other low-quality websites, spammy domain authority, or completely inactive.

A few years ago, building connections was easy and fast, but in 2023 things will be different because this process requires creativity, persistence, communication, consistency, and strong social skills. You have to find the right strategies to build backlinks and rankings with well-reliable sites with high domain authority. With these backlink-building strategies, you don't have to worry about harming your ranking by building an unintended relationship with a spammy website.

Here you can see 10 proven ways how to use the right strategies to build backlinks to your website as follows.

High-quality valuable content

Create content regularly with daily trending topics and original data, making your website valuable and attractive to other webmasters. So they will want to reach out to you and offer to place their own backlinks in exchange for posting your website's backlinks on their own website.

This way you can earn links for a long time. But if your website looks low quality and lacks value, other sites don't come close to you.

What is guest posting

Guest posting means writing content for another website and including links to your own site. It's a long-running SEO tool used to earn authoritative links from popular websites - helping to rank your site high in search engine results.

Use this method wisely. There was a day when you could write a post for any website and return a link to your blog or website in the author description box. These links now have very little value. When the guest is blogging, ask the host site if you can include natural backlinks in your message to your website. If they allow it, 1 to 2 links within the first 300 words of a guest post are ideal.

Use of social media platforms

If you share your high-quality content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or other open networking sites, it is best to start by sharing your content for others to see. If your followers like it and get valuable information from it, they may relate to it naturally.

As the amount of content that goes online and more people see it, the odds of other websites linking to the page also go up. The search engines give due credit to the social signals of your blog post which can ultimately lead to a better ranking on the search engine results pages. Social media increases your exposure, which is great for your brand as well as your link-building efforts.

Comment on the blog

Leaving valuable comments on other blogs is a way to get Nofollow backlinks. But these links are still important for several reasons.

First, consider blogging as a way to increase your readership. If you write a new post or page targeting a specific keyword phrase, search for that phrase on Google in those posts. Leave the relevant post link.

Secondly, you can also choose top-ranked blogs from your blog that have a Dofollow link instead of a Nofollow, and read their posts and leave comments behind. This is another effective and safe way to create backlinks and bring new visitors to your site.

Writing testimonials and reviews

An easy way to earn high-quality backlinks is to write testimonials for the websites you use. You will only spend a few minutes, and you can earn a link from the home page of a trusted website. As long as you are a customer of this product, there is a good chance that you will be able to get a link in exchange for a testimonial.

In many cases, you don't even need to ask them to give a backlink because of course they give a link for originality. However, you can send a friendly reminder.

Request a backlink

Many bloggers forget the importance of proper internal linking for SEO purposes. If you have some solid posts that are getting organic traffic, be sure to link to some related posts to pass on. Also, proper navigation and internal linking help Google understand your blog as a whole much better which also helps with SEO.

To get links back to your website, you have to spread the word about your business. And what better way to do this than to communicate via email with journalists and influencers of your stature? Avoiding someone's email address can be difficult, but there is no reason to be discouraged. Here's how to find anyone's email address:

All you have to do is use tools like Voilanorbert,, or Simply enter the name of the person you are trying to contact and the website that works.

This also boosts visitors' posts by providing links that connect to your blog posts. This increases page views and lowers the bounce rate. Thus, interlinking between pages not only helps in SEO and backlinks but increases the overall user experience.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is a great easy way to get relevant backlinks. If you create helpful podcasts or tutorials, you can create a YouTube channel and link the videos back to your relevant blog posts.


Earning high-quality backlinks can be difficult at times, but you can easily find link-building opportunities using the right resources and methods. Finally, remember that maintaining your backlinks is just as important as building them. So, keep track of the backlinks your website gets, using tools like backlink monitoring, Ahrefs or Majestic.

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