What is digital marketing, what are its steps, and how do you learn it by 2023

Digital Marketing It is the use of all available modern technology, especially the Internet, in order to reach potential customers and deliver the marketing message to them. Digital marketing gives you the unlimited tools and possibilities and opportunities it provides, enabling any business to achieve exceptional results if it can be used optimally and correctly.

What is digital marketing

This is in short, dear reader, the answer to the question of what is digital marketing, but there are many details, points, and aspects in the world of digital marketing, yes, it is a wide world of science, knowledge, and development, and there are those who study and train for months in order to master it in a professional way.

What distinguishes digital marketing is that you do not need to study and train for months to benefit from it because even a simple service provider like “The Carpenter” can, with some simple research, create a Facebook page for him and put his number on it and show it some pictures of his skill, and thus he was able to take advantage of digital marketing to attract more followers Customers, communicate with them and solve their problems.

In fact, I can't guess why you are interested in the world of digital marketing, and why you are reading the article, but let me tell you that this article will be useful to you if you are one of those:

  • Someone who loves to read and learn about new things, and you read the article for the love of knowledge.
  • You have a business and want to understand digital marketing and how to use it to develop this business.
  • You have a simple skill or business and you want to know if digital marketing can help you in any way in developing your business (like our carpenter friend).
  • You have the ambition to become a professional e-marketer, and you want to learn this field and do not know where to start.
  • Are you a researcher or student who wants to do research on digital marketing, and therefore you want to understand this field and get to know it closely?

Anyway, let me tell you that digital marketing is a topic that really deserves attention. It also opens up horizons for you to learn about another source of income, so it is a topic that is really worth your time. Because here I will give you a lot of information, details, and resources that you will not find on any other Australian, American or Canadian site.

It is worth noting that this article is the cornerstone of a large number of articles published on Winners on digital marketing, covering all aspects and information you need to become a digital marketing professional.

So from time to time, you'll find me putting you links to other topics that talk in more detail about certain points in digital marketing, which you can come back to learn more.

Now let us begin our topic.

What is Digital Marketing

Marketing exists from the old but has evolved with time, and it is an essential element for the success of any business, regardless of its size and the field to which it belongs. for decades, marketing was limited to magazines, newspapers, and road signs.

These marketing channels were the most advanced and effective until the advent of the Internet and modern technology and everything changed, and a new concept and definition of marketing began called the world of digital marketing.

With digital marketing, many concepts related to marketing and the relationship of the organization to the end user have been changed, through which a wide segment of the target user can be reached at the right place and time, and even the best case for making a purchase decision.

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is: the application of general principles in the science of marketing through the use of modern technology tools, especially the Internet, and it is also one of the most important tactics and strategies used in converting target customers that you do not see into buyers.

Digital marketing has facilitated reaching the customer in various innovative and modern ways such as email, SMS, mobile applications, instant messaging, social networking sites, search engines...etc.

Internet marketing is the most important and largest source of digital marketing, but it still falls within the scope of digital marketing and is not synonymous with it, so it was known that digital marketing is behind the idea of marketing on the Internet to include under its slogan everything related to modern technology.

For example, SMS marketing can be achieved whether the phone is connected to the Internet or not, and it belongs to digital marketing.

Digital marketing does not refer only to modern communication technology, but also to the technological devices used (such as smartphones, and Internet-connected televisions), and to the digital platforms used (such as smartphone applications).

Digital marketing is concerned with business operations based on the concept of "E-CRM", which is an abbreviation of the term Electronic Customer Relationship Management, which means electronic customer relationship management, by expanding the study of the market and searching for new customers and how to serve and satisfy existing and old customers and give customers the opportunity To contribute to the development of the products and services provided.

We have to realize how important it is to understand that the new marketing theory adopted by digital marketing depends on modern digital technology to meet the needs of customers, achieve the goals of institutions, companies, and small business owners, develop existing markets, open new markets, develop production lines and thus achieve a significant increase in profits.

Note: E-marketing is a term synonymous with digital marketing, and both terms are used to express the same idea.

Features and benefits of digital marketing 

1-The possibility of direct interaction between the customer and the business

Through digital marketing, customers can express their desires directly to the organization or business, by responding directly to the marketing elements issued by the organization.

For example, with the development of technology, there has been a relationship between the customer and the institutions, enabling the customer to express his opinion directly about one of the company's products by writing a comment on one of its pages on social media. Of course, this helps organizations to understand and solve customers, their desires, and problems, and this gives a great motivation to give organizations the ability to develop and grow.

2-Targeting ability

Digital marketing, provides a flow of data and accurate information about customers, enabling organizations to make optimal use of them for accurate targeting, generating the ability to reach potential customers who can achieve very good sales through them.

With digital marketing, you can target customers according to dozens of criteria, including:

  • the age.
  • gender (male/female).
  • interests.
  • Recent visits to websites.
  • Research words.
  • Educational Qualification.
  • The geographical location where the customer is now.

Of course, as a social media user, you must have experienced the appearance of some ads for nutritional supplements or cryptocurrencies on your Facebook account immediately after conducting a search for these supplements, or even after visiting a cryptocurrency site.

You have to realize the fact that you are an integral part of the digital marketing world.

3-Lower cost and more control over marketing budget 

The fair cost of digital marketing comes as a result of its unparalleled effectiveness. The idea of cost here is measured by the size of the gains or profits that can be achieved through this cost.

In the world of digital marketing, you can pay for each target customer who clicks on an advert for your product, instead of paying a hefty amount for traditional newspaper and magazine ads The difficulty of controlling its presentation to each particular target customer.

Cost control through marketing budget is also an important advantage of digital marketing, for example, you can start a marketing campaign on social media with only $100, and you can stop it at any time in real-time.

4-Ability to collect and reuse data

Through the massive development of advanced technology provided by digital marketing, business owners, companies, and small business owners can collect and retain customer data, then re-analyze it and use it again to deliver distinctive marketing offers or generate more sales to the same customers who bought before.

For example, you can run an advertising campaign on Facebook and target only the users who visited your site within the last month, through a simple button placed on your site, and through it, you get information about who visited your site in order to target them in upcoming advertising campaigns.

5-Ability to accurately measure results and then make required improvements

One of the most important advantages that digital marketing provides for organizations is the ability to monitor, record, and analyze marketing results, which builds upon them to make appropriate decisions that help businesses develop and improve.

In digital marketing, everything is subject to analysis, from the level of interaction on social media to the percentage of opening marketing emails, watching marketing videos, monitoring website visits, and ending with achieving sales operations.

6-Faster results compared to traditional marketing

With digital marketing, you often see results quickly. On the one hand, you can direct your marketing in the exact direction you want, and on the other hand, you can measure everything and see the results first.

For example, if you are the owner of a product, you can immediately create a social media page, start a marketing campaign, and watch the interaction of your target customers with your campaign within an hour of its creation and approval.

I think you are now starting to get an idea about digital marketing, so I encourage you to keep reading to get a better understanding of it and learn more.

Digital Marketing Challenges 

1. Diffusion of digital channels: There is a diversity in consumers' use of many digital channels, as well as a group of devices that use different protocols, specifications, and interfaces and interact with these devices in different ways.

2. Big competition: Digital channels are more effective compared to traditional media, which makes them attractive to almost all businesses of all sizes. As a result, competition is high to reach potential customers through digital marketing channels. 

3. Data flow: Consumers leave behind a huge chain of data in digital channels, and thus it becomes difficult to handle this data professionally to reach the right targeting to achieve the best possible results.

4. The difficulty of obtaining a professional marketing team: Despite the growth and spread of the idea of digital marketing in the world, the market is still in dire need of professionals in all disciplines, and this makes the task of obtaining experts in the field of digital marketing somewhat difficult.

Most Important Digital Marketing Channels

There are many digital marketing channels. Digital marketing, as mentioned above, is any marketing process that incorporates technology, and modern and advanced means of communication.

In the section below, we will address a group of the most important and prominent digital marketing channels:

Content marketing by creating a project website

It is one of the most important and prominent marketing channel tools in digital marketing for professional companies, in which the business owner creates a website that represents the company, and contains detailed data and information about the company's products or services.

A blog is also created for the site to present topics in the field in which the business specializes, in order to attract customers seeking to gather information on the topic before making the purchase.

Marketing through social media

Marketing on social networking sites aims to attract customers and consumers, introduce them to the brand, interact with them and provide all the data and information they want to obtain about the product or service.

The purpose of interaction on social media is to convert target customers into real customers by completing the purchase process, and the most popular social networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Email Marketing

It is one of the oldest methods of digital marketing, but it is still very effective in the marketing process and is widely used to highlight the latest developments or display new advertising content to customers.

When using this technique you have to be careful, many customers feel annoyed by the many emails, do not be persistent and provide your information only enough without exaggeration.

E-mail marketing in a nutshell consists in forming a mailing list for targeted customers, and sending marketing messages to these customers to attract them again to the site or the online store, and thus achieve more profits from the same customer.

SEO Optimization

It is also called Search Engine Optimization, and it is a very effective marketing channel, through which the business owner makes the required improvements in the content of his site in order to appear in the first search results, and then attract more people interested in what he offers, and eventually achieve sales.

Search engine marketing is a very important marketing arm in the world of digital marketing, and it is a marketing channel that works alongside the rest of the channels, and therefore it cannot be dispensed with in any way.

SMS Marketing

Text messages represent one of the very effective marketing channels in digital marketing, as it enables the business owner to send a text message directly to the target customer's phone.

The text message will arrive whether the customer is online or not. Yes, text messages are limited in the number of words, but they are very effective if used intelligently.

What is the digital marketing team in any organization

The Digital Marketing Team is responsible for increasing your organization's brand awareness and generating more sales.

This is done through all available digital marketing channels, whether free or paid. There are a lot of specializations in digital marketing, but not every organization has to have a team that includes all the marketing specialties that exist.

The size of the marketing team here depends on the size of the organization, the number of marketing channels you want to work through, the goals you seek…etc.

In small companies, for example, one marketing specialist may be assigned to perform many tasks.

The following is a list of the most important and most prominent digital marketing specialties:

a)SEO Specialist

His mission is to work on the company’s website in order to raise its ranking in the search engines, and also works with the content creator to ensure that the content they write performs well to keep pace with the requirements of search engines.

b)Content Marketing Specialist

The job of the content marketer is to write quality content for the company website blog to attract more potential customers. Also, the content writer must be familiar with the basics of SEO to produce search-friendly content.

c)Social Media Manager

His primary task is to schedule the publications, and textual and visual content of the company, and follow up on the impressions provided by the audience.

The social media manager should work with the content marketing specialist to develop a strategy for disseminating content on social media.

d)Marketing Automation Coordinator

Its primary task is to select software that allows the entire marketing team to understand customer behavior, and measure the organization's business growth rate, email open rate, ad campaign click-through rate, and lead acquisition rates.

e)Marketing Data Analyst

The job of a data analyst in digital marketing is to obtain and analyze marketing data and results through specialized programs, and then reach decisions that help the organization more efficiently direct its digital marketing efforts.

Of course, this is not all specializations, there are many other specializations in the world of digital marketing, including:

  • Google Ads Specialist.
  • Social media advertising specialist.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Email Marketing Specialist.
  • Video Marketing Specialist.

There are many other disciplines, and there are new disciplines that appear from time to time.

Digital Marketing Steps

We assume that you are a business owner, or you want to create a new business, and you want to start now marketing your business through digital marketing channels, so what should you do?

This is what we will discuss in this part of our article in the form of simple and brief steps:

Get started doing market research

Market research represents the cornerstone of the marketing plan. In this step, marketing experts, through specialized market research tools, measure the size of the market demand for the products or services that the business has and try to collect as much data and information about the target customers.

This step also includes studying competitors and accessing their strengths and weaknesses and then determining the competitive advantage through which the business will seek to compete (for example, reducing prices).

Also in this step, a model for the ideal customer for the company is made, and the largest information about it is collected.

Marketing plan preparation

In this step, the steps of the marketing process are set, tasks are defined for the different work teams, the marketing budget, and the digital marketing channels that will be focused on.

The marketing plan is a very important step on which success depends greatly. The plan must be accurate and divided into long-term and short-term, and it must contain innovative and smart ideas, in order to ensure the success of the marketing process and distinguish it from any marketing plan of any other competitor.

Building digital marketing assets

This includes creating a business website to promote it, and to help attract potential customers through digital content.

It also includes creating professional business pages on social media, as well as building the marketing system (purchasing marketing and analytical programs, subscribing to an e-mail marketing service...etc).

Getting started with marketing campaigns

In this step, the specialized marketing team is supposed to start its marketing activities and campaigns, and based on it, data is collected and analyzed, which is supposed to help improve the marketing process and avoid future mistakes.

It is worth noting here that the digital marketing process is extremely flexible, and has no quality ceiling. It is a continuous improvement process and always contains opportunities and possibilities to reap better results and profits.

How you can benefit from digital marketing

There are many, many ways in which you can benefit from the world of digital marketing, but here I will break these methods into three main points:

Learn digital marketing to get a functional job

Digital marketing is a very important field and it is witnessing a very large growth in the world, and in fact, the global market is in a state of great thirst for more e-marketers, every company, entity, or business sooner or later will need at least one e-marketer to represent it electronically.

By learning digital marketing, it will open up a lot of opportunities and possibilities for you to get a modern job, and not only that, in order to work in this field it is not necessary to be employed in a company, but you can also work in the field of self-employment from home.

Learn digital marketing to market your business

In our time, digital marketing has become an imperative for all types of business. Even small businesses such as shops and restaurants cannot now ignore creating pages that they represent on social media.

By learning the basics of digital marketing, you can take your business to new levels, and you can seize many great opportunities to become superior to your competitors.

Learn digital marketing to market others' products

There is a large field in the world of digital marketing called Affiliate Marketing, in which you can directly market products or services to third parties and get commissions based on the results you achieve.

It is worth noting that commission marketing here is completely different from the first method. The first method is the full or temporary employment of a company or entity.

As for affiliate marketing, it is a program offered by many large digital companies and entities, in which any marketer can participate, and profits are based on results, and working here is not mandatory.

Here I have finished my article today on digital marketing, which I hope will be a guide for every business owner and for anyone looking to start in this wonderful field as a digital marketing specialist.

Do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that the benefit will prevail.

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