Elon Musk Announcement News and Updates: California’s Train Project

Elon Musk has been at loggerheads with numerous regulators and authorities and had termed California’s big bullet train task as each “steeply priced” and “slow.” However, in what ought to please Musk, California is running to make the venture totally solar-powered.

For the background, California accepted a $9 billion bond authorization way lower back in 2008 to build the primary excessive-velocity railways.

Elon Musk Announcement News and Updates

The bullet teach would join la with the valuable valley and at the end to San Francisco in only about two hours and 40 minutes.

The challenge’s expenses have for the reason that skyrocketed and it might now fee as high as $128 billion. It's miles walking manner behind schedule even the first section between Bakersfield and Merced is not expected to be operational earlier than 2030.

In the meantime, musk had proposed his hyperloop mission as a higher opportunity for the California bullet educate challenge saying he become “disillusioned” with what he mocked because of the country’s “excessive velocity” assignment.

He termed the bullet train undertaking each “one of the most steeply priced per mile and one of the slowest in the world.” in a regular musk manner, he stated that he became “hedging” himself by means of calling it “considered one of.”

Energy usage of bullet train
Source: Tesla

At the same time as Musk preferred the motive in the back of the task as an alternative to flying and driving, he doubted the viability and stated it might be more expensive as compared to flying and also much less secure.

Musk Derides California’s Bullet Train Project.

Musk said that his hyperloop isn’t always the simplest but more reasonable, however can run at 760 miles per step per hour which is over 3 times as rapid as what California’s bullet teach promised.

In his fifty-eight-web page suggestion, musk stated that the electricity fed on in keeping with passengers in his proposed hyperloop will be the lowest in comparison to other modes – which include while the passenger traveled in an electrically powered Tesla version s car.

Extensively, tesla turned into a gap automaker providing the simplest luxurious models like version s and version x. However, it now has mass-marketplace models in version three sedan and model y SUV – which now account for the majority of its income.

In q2 2023, model s/x accounted for simply over 4% of Tesla’s total deliveries.

Musk Says Tesla is a Renewable Energy Company and no Longer Merely an EV Maker.

In the meantime, musk sees Tesla not simplest as an electric vehicle (EV) agency but as a renewable strength enterprise. Formerly, musk said that Tesla’s strength business could subsequently be as big as the middle automotive enterprise.

However, he made a quiet U-turn during the corporation’s q1 2023 profits call and said that the power business would be larger than the car commercial enterprise in terms of “general gigawatt hours deployed.”

Tesla gives solar electricity as well as electricity storage products and in q1 2023, the sales of its strength enterprise soared 148% YoY and accounted for 6.5% of its standard revenues.

While the automobile segment remains the largest sales driving force for Tesla, in q1 2023, the contribution of its electricity phase rose to a report high for the first zone.

Solar Energy and California's Bullet Train.

Coming back to California’s bullet teach undertaking, the kingdom is running to make the mission absolutely sun. Margaret Cederoth, who’s the director of making plans and sustainability on the California high-speed rail authority said, “California is a fantastic location to do renewable power. It’s the satisfactory depth of solar in the U.S.A.”

She delivered, “We already have in our proper-of-way portfolio a few very well-configured parcels that permit us to do renewable power technology at the dimensions important to deliver the amount of electricity we need to completely offset our load.” 

Ryan Scott, director of excessive-pace structures for network rail consulting, a UK-primarily based business enterprise that’s supporting California's plan for its energy system stated, “No person has carried out it, however, everybody’s beginning to reflect on consideration on” depending completely on renewables.

In the meantime, California may additionally monetize its solar play by way of selling carbon credit – something that Tesla has carried out pretty nicely below Musk.

Tesla Earns Billions of Bucks from Sales of Regulatory Credit.

In 2022, tesla received $1.78 billion from the income of carbon credit and has raised over $7.7 billion due to the fact of 2008 from the income of regulatory credit.

All stated at the same time as Musk’s hyperloop is still to benefit traction, California’s bullet train venture is progressing ahead – albeit at a slower-than-anticipated pace.

Incidentally, musk had as soon touted one million robotaxis with the aid of 2020 but the company’s self-using tech continues to be no longer completely independent even because it labels the superior model as “complete self-driving.”

In the meantime, tech corporations as well as carmakers see a huge possibility in independent driving. The optimism is not unfounded as one in every 10 motors is predicted to be self-riding by way of 2030.

Next Move Strategy Consulting estimates that the market size of the autonomous driving industry would hit $2.3 trillion by 2030.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elon Musk directly involved in the California Train Project?

No, Elon Musk is not directly involved in the California Train Project. However, his visionary ideas and expertise have influenced the development of the project.

What is the role of The Boring Company in the train project?

The Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk, aims to revolutionize tunneling and underground transportation systems. Their expertise in tunneling can potentially provide a cost-effective solution for constructing the necessary underground infrastructure for the high-speed rail system.

What are the benefits of the California Train Project?

The California Train Project offers reduced travel time, enhanced connectivity between cities, economic growth opportunities, and a reduction in carbon emissions by promoting sustainable transportation.

What challenges does the project face?

The project faces challenges such as funding and escalating costs, as well as legal and logistical hurdles in acquiring land for the rail system.

What are the future prospects of the project?

The project has the potential to integrate advanced technologies like autonomous trains and sustainable energy sources. Its success can serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives worldwide, driving the development of efficient and eco-friendly transportation systems.


Elon Musk's announcement regarding California's Train Project has brought renewed excitement to the realm of transportation. The high-speed rail system promises improved connectivity, reduced travel time, and environmental sustainability.

With Elon Musk's influence and The Boring Company's expertise, this project has the potential to reshape transportation in California and inspire similar initiatives globally. While challenges and controversies persist, the benefits outweigh the hurdles, making the California Train Project a significant step toward a more efficient and sustainable future.

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