Top 5 Cryptocurrencies You Can Invest in 2023

One of the main reasons for the sharp drop in the cryptocurrency market was the collapse of the Terra Luna network and the collapse of its stablecoin UST.

Although some other cryptocurrencies are still going strong, during this crisis we have to choose the best cryptocurrency to buy very carefully.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies You Can Invest in 2023

Analytics insight, in a report, shows the best cryptocurrencies that are still investable, and that these coins still provide many options for investors.

Bitcoin - The 1st Cryptocurrency in the Market That Still Dominant

After Bitcoin achieved great success in dominating the cryptocurrency market and was the first digital currency alternative to fiat currency, investing in it became important, as its market assets amounted to 42.5% of the crypto industry.

It has become adopted by large hedge funds and major investors in the past 12 months.

With each passing month, businesses in fashion, real estate, automobiles, travel, e-commerce, and even governments around the world (such as El Salvador and the Central African Republic) are turning to Bitcoin, which is used in digital stores of value, is instantly transferable, and is considered tamper-proof.

Bitcoin, which has been the bedrock of the cryptocurrency revolution, is likely to drive the bull market in the future, which makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for a long-term ROI in 2023.

BNB - The Most Popular Network for Crypto

BNP is the original token of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume Binance and is the largest competitor to the Ethereum smart contract network.

Despite the late launch of Binance compared to other altcoins, it quickly became the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the most successful altcoin in the past five years.

Cardano - The Most Secure Blockchain

Cardano has brought academia to the crypto industry, making all of its core updates and utilities go through a rigorous review process While 2022 saw a disruption in Cardano’s rival smart contract platform Solana, such events cannot occur in the Cardano network, as its strength is that it is one of the most proven blockchain ecosystems for the future.

The reason they are used in a range of industries from tracking agricultural supply chains, to validating academic degrees and promoting transparency and traceability in environmental fundraising campaigns.

Cardano will undergo another upgrade - the Vasil hardfork which will lower fees and help bring more Defi protocols and Web3 technologies to its trusted network.

EverGrow - Best Passive Income Cryptocurrency

EverGrow is the first reversal token in the BNB chain, having paid out more than $37 million to investors since its launch in September 2021.

Unlike the first generation of reversal tokens, EverGrow pays reversals in the Binance USD stablecoin, represented in a transaction tax of 14%.

This means 8% redistribution in the form of Binance USD reflections, 3% for liquidity on the Pancake Swap platform, 2% for repurchase, and 1% for marketing.

The strength of this currency - which helps to achieve a long-term return on investment from cryptocurrency - is that the transaction tax is constantly evolving, as the volatility of the markets does not affect the generation of passive income.

For example, using one of the currency calculators available on their official website, figures show that by investing $1,000 in it, you can earn $50 in return on the Binance USD stablecoin.

In the next few weeks, the project will launch a non-fungible token market, a content subscription platform, and will integrate the Metaverse to maintain high trading volume when the bull market returns.

Ethereum -  The Most Used Crypto Network That Is About To Lose Its Value

Without Ethereum, not many cryptocurrencies will happen, as the network powers the largest market for non-fungible tokens by trading volume.

In addition to the largest decentralized exchange, the largest monetized metaverse, and the top 20 cryptocurrencies, such as (Polygonal) and (Dogecoin) for this network.

Ethereum is the largest crypto smart contract platform, and the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Although it has been subject to high fees and slow processors in recent months, this could change with the consolidation event that will see Ethereum transition to the Proof-of-Stake blockchain expected this summer to enjoy the lowest fees.

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